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Alice is the only Brand in South Africa imported from China fully supervised and inspected by our own people. The name Alice is very important to us there for we make sure that our costumers are happy from the word go.

Alice Z-05 e-bike feature
A man on Alice Z-05 E-Bike

We sell our product on line and we offer bikes shops the opportunity to partner with us without limiting them to our on brand only. If you are a shop owner who would like to add our E-Bikes and E Scooters to your shop you are most welcome to contact us for full demonstration. At Alice we make sure at all times that spare parts are always available for our E -Bikes and E Scooters so our clients don't need to run around looking for parts that are not even in existent. We even have the tubes for our wheels always in stock, so your E scooter or E Bikes are always in a running condition.


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