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About Electric Cars Charging  

Discover the NCDB01 series electric vehicle charging piles – a cutting-edge solution for efficient, safe, and reliable charging. Ideal for electric vehicle charging stations and public parking lots, these compact units boast high reliability, stability, and safety, meeting international standards with ISO9001 and CE certifications. Developed with advanced technology, the control board and charging modules feature a 32-bit ARM single-chip controller for enhanced efficiency and a compact design.

Introducing the DC Fast Ev Charger
Suitable 60-180KW DC   




The user-friendly touchscreen interface allows easy system parameter management, while intelligent operation management and multiple protection mechanisms ensure system stability. With modular design and various interfaces, including RS485, RS232, CAN, Ethernet, 4G network, and OCPP1.6JSON, these charging piles seamlessly connect to the company's cloud platform, enabling remote control, telemetry, communication, adjustment, and mobile payment.




Compliant with national, European, Japanese, and American standards, the NCDB01 series offers a high-intelligence fast charging solution aligned with the evolving landscape of new energy technology. Charge your electric vehicle confidently with this state-of-the-art product designed for optimal performance and longevity.

Technical Specification 

Technical indicators and specifications of this product is designed according to the latest national standard charging interface standard. In terms of function and performance, it complies with industry-related standards. The following table lists the standards and inspection specifications that the system design follows. The DC charging interface of this system follows the charging mode 4 of EN 61851.1

Table 1: Technical Standards and Regulations.

1 GB/T20234 .1-20 11 Connecting devices for conductive charging of electric vehicles - Part 1: General requirements

2 GB/T20234 .2-20 11 Connection device for conductive charging of electric vehicles - Part 2: AC charging interface

3 GB/T20234 .3-20 11 Connection device for conductive charging of electric vehicles - Part 3: DC charging interface

4 GB/T27930 – 2011/2015 Electric vehicle off-board conduction charger and battery management system communication protocol

5 GB/T 28569 -2012 China Standard Electric Vehicle AC Charging Pile Electric Energy Metering

6 GB/T 19596 -2004 electric vehicle terminology

9 GB 4208 -2008 Enclosure rating (IP code)

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