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DC Fast EV Charger (suitable 60-180KW DC)        Fast EV Charge 

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1.1 Overview The NCDB01 series electric vehicle charging piles are easy to operate, safe and reliable, and occupy a small area. They can be installed in electric vehicle charging stations and public parking lots. The company combines many years of technical experience and produces high reliability, high stability and high safety products in strict accordance with the international standard and ISO9001andCEcertification standards, which can be widely used to charge for electric vehicle and other special electrical equipment such as electrical plant, ship etc. The company developed the core parts by ourselves such as the control board, charging modules, the control board combined with 32-bit ARM single-chip controller, which has the advantages of high efficiency, small size, light weight, etc. The monitoring unit adopts the distributed control method, which makes the control more reliable, more stable and friendly, system parameter query and setting by clicking on the touchscreen, the operation is simple and convenient. Adopt intelligent operation management, multiple protection, greatly improve the stability and reliability of the system. It automatically completes the precise management of battery charging voltage and current to ensure that the battery works in the best state and prolongs the service life of the battery pack. This product adopts a modular design, the system is equipped withRS485, RS232, CAN and Ethernet interfaces, 4G network andOCPP1.6JSON, which can be interconnected with the company's cloud platform, and can communicate with the background computer to achieve" remote control, telemetry, remote communication" "Remote adjustment", remote control charging and mobile payment functions, meet the charging requirements of electric vehicles, and are a new type of high intelligence fast charging product that conforms to the development direction of new energy technology. This product is mainly designed with the national standard, European standard, Japanese standard and American standard. It is compatible with most models in the current market to ensure safe and reliable charging.

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1.2 Technical indicators and specifications This product is designed according to the latest national standard charging interface standard. Interms of function and performance, it complies with industry-related standards. The following table lists the standards and inspection specifications that the system design follows. The DC charging interface of this system follows the charging mode 4 of EN 61851.1

Table 1: Technical Standards and Regulations.

1 GB/T20234 .1-20 11 Connecting devices for conductive charging of electric vehicles - Part 1: General requirements

2 GB/T20234 .2-20 11 Connection device for conductive charging of electric vehicles - Part 2: AC charging interface

3 GB/T20234 .3-20 11 Connection device for conductive charging of electric vehicles - Part 3: DC charging interface

4 GB/T27930 – 2011/2015 Electric vehicle off-board conduction charger and battery management system communication protocol

5 GB/T 28569 -2012 China Standard Electric Vehicle AC Charging Pile Electric Energy Metering

6 GB/T 19596 -2004 electric vehicle terminology

9 GB 4208 -2008 Enclosure rating (IP code)





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