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Don't let your self be fouled by a Price!!!

Always remember what you are shopping for. We are aware of the key word on Google search Cheep. If you can not afford something you really want do not buy a cheep version of it as the sweetness of the cheep price will be long gone when you discover what you actually got for your money.

There are few very important things one should know before buying an e-bike. 1 the speed is not determined by the size (W) of the motor. 2. the Wattage of your battery is always linked to the motor and the controller of your bike and makes no difference to your travelling distance of your bikes.

With that said the Amperage of the battery will determine the distance one can travel on his bikes before his battery dries out.

What you should watch for is the Wattage of your motor as the greeter the wattage is the higher the incline your bike will climb with out you having to help the motor with the pedals.

The pedals on your bike are there should you run out of battery charge you can still pedal your way to a place you can re charge your battery or home /work . The other reason for the pedal (We call it pedal assist ) is a security fetcher before you can start accelerating your bike motor. So if you need your bike to go on a steep hill make sure you have a higher Wattage motor.